Bizarro Pat Bowlen speaks with the Rocky Mountain News

So Pat Bowlen sat down in bizarro world to give an interview on the Broncos and Shanahan's ability to judge a player's character. Once again, a rift has allowed this bizarro world interview to seep into our reality.
The Broncos, frustrated with quick postseason exits each of the past two years, have taken on some players with a little more off-the- field baggage than they typically chance.
I'm serious, this cannot be written about the Broncos in our universe.
But Broncos owner Pat Bowlen made it clear Tuesday that, though he believes in second chances, he will have little patience for those who do not take advantage of them...

..."I would rely on Mike and (general manager) Ted (Sundquist)'s reaction to a player's history more than my own," Bowlen said. "But if they told me (the player) was being sincere in the belief they were ready for a new start, I would accept their advice."
So, Mike Shanahan, a guy that brought in Dale Carter who proceeded to get a one year suspension, who brought in Daryl Gardener who then got into a fight at an IHOP is somebody who you should trust on character issues?

Now the Ghost of Christmas past is going to take us back to learn about a player named Bill Romanowski; Bill was a guy who was charged with fraudulentaly obtaining prescription drugs, who later failed a test for THG and was called to testify at the BALCO hearings, and who spit in JJ Stokes' face. As you can see, Romanowski was a man of incredible character.

In December of 2000, Bill was indicted on the drug charges and then in the same month, began to bait JJ Stokes and insult his Niners teammates publicly.
Romanowski rekindled the rivalry when he said Stokes has "no fight in him. If somebody did that to me, they'd have to throw me out of the game, because I'd go after him."

Stokes fired back, saying Romanowski lacks integrity and relies on performance-enhancing drugs.
As you can see, Bill came at Stokes for no apparent reason. What makes it even more awesome, is that all Stokes had to do to beat Romanowski was tell the truth. It's something that there is absolutely no way Shanahan had no idea was going on. Looking at Romanowski you cannot tell me that he wasn't on roids, especially when coupled with his actions.

After he spit in Stokes' face. Both Willie Green and Shannon Sharpe(username: erasmus pass:erasmus) expressed their outrage at what had happened.
"I can assure you I would not have taken it as easily as J.J. Stokes," Sharpe said. "I would have been fined, too, because I would have been thrown out of the game. I think that's the worst thing you can do to a person, especially of our background and our race, is to spit in his face.
Shanahan allowed Bill Romanowski to be a member of the Denver Broncos for four seasons after the Stokes incident and for another season after he baited Stokes over it and was indicted on drug charges in the same month.

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