About Cutler

Jay Cutler has proven nothing as an NFL quarterback. He hasn't proven himself a winner, and he hasn't proven himself a leader.

Both of these points were in full display in the last three weeks of the 2008 season when Cutler phoned in in for three successive games, sending the Broncos spiraling out of playoff position.

All Jay Cutler has proven both in college and in the NFL is that he can put up nice statistics in meaningless games. When he is expected to win important games, he craters. Let's remember that Cutler took over the starting position because Shanahan claimed he gave the team its best chance to win over Plummer.

A comparison to Jake Plummer might help people with their hero worship of Cutler. Statistically Cutler isn't any better than Plummer. In fact Plummer's first three seasons in Denver were all arguably better than Cutler's.

However, a comparison of their leadership abilities paints a much starker contrast between the two. How did Jake Plummer react when Mike Shanahan sent a clear signal of his lack of trust by drafting Jay Cutler? Plummer didn't say a thing in the media and went out and played football. The Broncos had a winning record when he was replaced by Jay Cutler. Even after Shanahan replaced Plummer with Cutler, Plummer acted as a leader on the sidelines, helped Cutler, and was a vocal cheerleader on the bench. Plummer even acted as a holder throughout the rest of the season.

In comparison to a leader who voiced no complaints in the media to being relegated to holding duties, Jay Cutler's response to being simply mentioned in trade discussions is juvenile.

Cutler needs to grow up, if his performance spoke loud enough the Broncos wouldn't have considered trading him.

Looks like I've been replaced


The looping guitar riff and demon imagery are something that in retrospect I feel would have made my efforts that much better.

Cutler asked to be traded before any of this happened. McDaniels tried to facilitate the request. I do not see the problem.