Lelie shipped to Atlanta

Classes just started this week, so I've been a little busy, so about the Lelie deal...

I'm curious as to exactly when the Washington Redskins became part of our farm system, but they seem to enjoy giving us draft picks.

Do I think it's dumb not getting a player who can contribute to this team in return for Lelie? Absolutely. Is this deal in reality horrible? No. Is it the best deal we could have gotten? I doubt it.

Ashley is going to make Mike Vick's job in Atlanta a whole lot easier.


Preseason Week 1: Broncos @ Detroit Lions

I'll liveblog the game until it just gets too boring to watch...

Update 1: Didn't take long for the hype of The Gunslinger to start, I'm sure we'll hear nothing but excessive praise for him all night long.

Update 2: Good coverage on the opening kickoff. What the hell was with Wilson trying to make a diving arm tackle there? Aside from the one play where Kitna was able to break containment and rushed for ten yards the Broncos haven't generated any kind of passrush on this drive at all. The corners looked to be playing well, a nice tip by Darrent Williams early on in the drive.

Update 3: How ugly is Cooper Carlisle? Could Channel 4 be doing a worse job broadcasting this game? No sound for the opening three plays and we miss the first two plays of this drive. Jake is out there throwing bee bees, he threw three pretty much perfect passes. Mike Bell kills the drive with that fumble. Very nice.

Update 4: It looks like the Broncos have absolutely no depth on the defensive line. No pass rush and they played poorly against the run on that drive too.


Update 6: Nice pick by Foxworth.

Update 7: Cutler almost threw a pick there near the end of that drive, flinging the ball into double coverage. Other than that he's looked very good tonight. Mike Bell has looked very bad though. I can't keep watching, I'm bored to death. I'll write a wrap up after the game.

On Mike Bell

The move of Mike Bell atop the Broncos' depth chart is to me obviously meant to "send a message" to Tatum Bell and Ron Dayne. Much in the same way Mike Shanahan so effectively "sent a message" to Ashley Lelie in the early part of the offseason, and how he "sent a message" to Jake Plummer by taking The Gunslinger with the 11th overall pick.

I fail to see the logic behind continuing to make it apparent that you have no respect for the players that play under you and that you will show them absolutely no loyalty whatsoever. It would be one thing if Tatum Bell had been playing poorly and Mike Bell was somebody who had actually played a down in an NFL game, or was actually perceived to be good enough by a single scouting department to be worth a seventh round draft pick.

Shanahan obviously doesn't have confidence in Mike Bell, as evidenced by the fact that Thomas Jones' name keeps popping up in trade discussions with Chicago for Ashley Lelie.


Courtney Brown injured at camp

I heard on the Mike Rosen show this morning that he's sitting out practice today because he's hurt.

In other news the sun rises in the east, sets in west.