Time For Change (mail)

This is another email, I thought it deserved a separate post of its own (although I don't agree with the Marty part). I'm still asking for emails. I'll print whatever I get. Fireshanahan@gmail.com -Jacob

Zach writes:

Shanahan has done nothing but pass the buck after Elway's retirement. There was nothing wrong with Jake Plummer. He was alright in Arizona, but he really came to form in Denver. But Shanahan casts doubt upon all quarterbacks who are not named "John Elway." He refuses to let his quarterbacks wind up and fling it down the field. Instead, they run a highly predictable dink-and-dump style offense. I don't know how they're 5-7. Well, I do know why they're 5-7 instead of 2-10, Jason Elam. He has bailed them out time after time this season.

Their defense has never been great. It wasn't great when they won back-to-back Super Bowls, but it was good enough to win. They managed to keep, for the most part, the same personnel when they were winning back-to-back Super Bowls. Now Shanahan will release players at the drop of a hat. What kind of mentality is that? "Well, this defense just didn't work out. Let's go out and get a new one for next season. If that doesn't work I'll just do the same thing again, until it works." Does he keep receipts for these guys? It's like his returning faulty products before the warranty is up.

Then there is the habitual hiring/firing of coaching staff. Let's not blame the head coach for the total ineptitude of HIS team. No, let's blame all the people that work for him.

Here's my ultimate dream: The Broncos, after going 7-9, fire Shanahan and hire Marty Schottenheimer. Marty will then lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl victory, thus breaking his jinx with the team that started it. I've always admired Marty and I think he's the answer. That man has taken so much undeserved critical abuse while Shanahan receives nothing but praises. Marty didn't deserve to be fired by the (vastly overrated) San Diego Chargers. They should have fired their insane General Manager. The Chargers are dead when they get into the playoffs.

That's a different issue though.

The Broncos are not going to be successful as long as Shanahan is there. He's just going to keep doing the same things hoping to get the same results, which is one of the definitions of insanity.

I'm in for the long haul, but it's getting tougher to hang in there. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope that he will get fired in the foreseeable future.


Mail bag

Here's some of the mail I've received about the Mastermind so far. I'll post every email I get, so long as it isn't vulgar, etc (maybe I will even then). Send mail to Fireshanahan@gmail.com

I'm going to save one message I got to print as a post of its own tomorrow as I feel it summarizes the entire situation very well and will save me the trouble of having to reiterate things I've posted here for three years.

Steve writes:
When Coach Bill McCartney of the Colorado Buffaloes stupidly decided to punt to Rocket Ismail in the 1/1/91 Orange Bowl, he almost cost his team a national championship. Luckily, there was a clipping penalty on the play and the Buffs won and shared the championship. When Shanahan stupidly decided to kick and punt to Devin Hester, it basically cost his team the playoffs, and if there is a God, it cost him his job. Somehow, that night Todd Sauerbraun was Keith Olberman's "Worst Person in the NFL"!?! Shanahan probably called Keith and blamed every kick on Todd, and Keith slurped it up because the media is required to love Shanahan, who should've been fired THAT NIGHT.

Against the Raiders, after settling for field goals as usual (is it even called "settling" with him anymore? he seems to enjoy anticipating Elam's trot onto the field every time the Broncos get to the 40-yard-line) the Broncos cut the score to 24-19 in the 4th quarter. We know how much Shanahan loves FGs, but either he doesn't know the "new" NFL rules, or he just loves watching Elam kick, so instead of attempting to cut the lead to 3, the Broncos kicked the extra point. If the score had been like that in the final seconds, I still think they would've kicked the FG in the last minute to lose 24-23, that's how much Shanahan likes FGs and how stupid he is.
The Broncos have been shooting so many threes this year that even Antwan Walker is embarrassed.

Brian writes:
I've been a Broncos fan since I moved to Colorado at the age of six. I've seen them play over a dozen times, both at Mile High and Invesco. I was at the famous Elway vs Montana game, and have always counted myself quite loyal. Don't live in Colorado anymore, but still watch or listen to every game. I've no come to the conclusion that it's time for Shanahan to go. The one statistic that stands out for me the most is this; it's been almost 10 years since Elway played for the Broncos and we've won a grand total of one playoff game. ONE! For such a storied franchise, this is completely unacceptable. Plus, every other playoff game we've gotten absolutely smoked. Thanks for doing your part to get people talking!
Not only have the Broncos been smoked in the playoffs, they've been thoroughly out coached in almost every game.

"Milehijedi" writes:
I am so with it now.

I once felt and even mailed you my thoughts of how ridiculous I thought it was to fire Shanahan. But this is getting disgusting.

Bowlen has that irish connection with Shanahan I think. idk wtf direction this team is going.

Cutler's development MUST rest in Shanahan's shoulders, as I am sure he will not resign (though I wish he would). idk how much time to give him, but I am sick of watching this team go backwards.
Cutler appears to be on the right track, but that will not save Shanahan from throwing him under the bus if it is at all helpful to save his reputation.


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