Regarding "experience"

I've noticed Bill Cowher and Marty Schottenheimer being heavily mentioned both in the comments here and in discussions across the internet as desired replacements for Shanahan. They apparently bring experience to the table that is necessary to win in the NFL.

Schottenheimer's experience didn't help him accomplish anything of note in San Diego other than underachievement. Bill Cowher doesn't seem particularly interested in coaching in the NFL at the moment, why drag him back?

All that hiring a coach like Cowher or Schottenheimer would do is create the same kinds of problems that kept Shanahan around far too long, an unwillingness to question their decisions, a lack of accountability, and a burgeoning cult of personality.

Atlanta, Baltimore, and Miami brought in "inexperienced" head coaches to coach relatively unseasoned teams and all three had remarkable success this year.

Experience is overrated and shouldn't be anywhere near the top of desirable qualities in a new head coach.


Mile High Spagnuolo

Get it done Pat.


I can't really say I expected it to actually happen.



By now it should be blatantly obvious

Shanahan needs to leave.

In reality this week's game shouldn't have been meaningful in any way. The Broncos were incredibly lucky to have any chance to make the playoffs this year after squeaking out a win against New Orleans thanks to a missed field goal and being given a win they didn't earn in their first meeting against the Chargers.

The Broncos have now gone two years without a winning record and three years without a playoff appearance.

Apologists will come out with a myriad of excuses, sure the Broncos had a rash of injuries this season. The fact is that they played poorly even when at full strength early in the year. Anybody looking back objectively on those games at the beginning of the season will be able to see that.

In tonight's game Tatum Bell was able to give the Broncos a credible running threat despite any injuries to other backs. The Broncos still lost. The fact that a player that Shanahan had previously tossed aside for no real reason gave the Broncos an extra arrow in their quiver tonight is ironic to say the least.

The Broncos defense is absolutely terrible, but it is terrible due to Shanahan's decisions. He has ran out multiple defensive coordinators to hide his own shortcomings. Larry Coyer managed a respectable and at times dominant Denver defense before he was fired as a scapegoat to cover up Shanahan's ineptitude. Shanahan is also completely incapable of drafting or otherwise acquiring defensive talent. Draft picks were wasted on offensive players when they weren't needed. Blame was constantly shifted away from its source.

It's time for Shanahan to go, he will continue to hold this franchise back.