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Virginia writes:

We all know the story of the "wonderful Wizard of Oz" who was supposedly all-knowing and all powerful. Except, when Dorothy pulled back the curtain, he was just a timid nobody! Well, you can draw an analogy with Shanahan and the curtain that was pulled back? That would be John Elway!! As many pundits have asked, what has he won since Elway retired? His son is a joke. Keyshawn Johnson said on ESPN that he had some low-level non-job with the Tampa Bay Bucaneers, and then Gary Kubiak hired him as a favor to Mike Shanahan, who was at one time Kubiak's mentor. (And we all know how well Gary Kubiak has been doing!). The whole crew need to be shown the door. Oh, well maybe Jim Haslett is okay.

Junebug writes:

Mike is NOT a good coach. What he's doing with the Redskins is not coaching, it is terrorism. He and his incompetent son and coaching staff have done more brow-beating and tearing down than they have coaching. The man is un-professional for calling out players in the media. This doesn't build repoir or team spirit, it tears down the locker room. He is doing to the Redskins the equivalent of what George W. Bush did to the economy - wrecking it! Daniel Snyder should take one for the team and pay out his contract and get on one knee and BEG Marty Schottenheimer (yes, the only true winner) to come back and re-build this franchise. Shanahan must go, this year!


Any Redskins fans want to voice their opinions here?

If any Redskins fans want to email their takes about Shanahan's season so far, his decision to bench McNabb, or anything else I'm willing to post them.

I'll ask for complete, coherent sentences and minimal cursing if possible.


Typical Shanahan

A mediocre season filled with close games his team should have won, terrible fourth quarter playcalling, throwing players under the bus in public, creation of multiple scapegoats to shift criticism away from the coaching staff.

Yep, sounds like a Mike Shanahan season to me.

Shanahan is a bad coach who got lucky he had Steve Young and John Elway to bail him out for his bad decisions.

If I was Redskins fan I'd be praying for him to be fired this off season.