A general update

Here are a few quick bullet points on things that have happened in the season so far.

- I was wrong about Javon Walker's impact. The guy is a complete beast, well worth the second round pick.

- But, I've seen way too many drops as a whole from the receiving corps, and from...

- Tony Scheffler, who was nowhere near worth a second round pick, he has athletic ability, but he cannot block and drops nearly everything thrown his way. (But has anybody noticed that he becomes a beast in your Madden franchises?)

- I absolutely hate Kenard Lang. I think he celebrates successfully brushing his teeth in the morning. You'd think the guy has never made an NFL tackle let alone gotten a sack in his career the way he dances and taunts the other team.

- On the subject of Jake Plummer: Why has Shanahan nearly eliminated the play-action bootleg from the play-calling? It's almost as if he sat down and tore out half the pages in the playbook. Let him play, let him throw, let him run the plays that he is best at. From the second half of the Baltimore game on through the Oakland game he has been looking much more confident he's running the ball more and just generally looking like the leader of the offense.

Why haven't I updated? There are a few reasons, most of you who dislike me are probably convinced it has to do with the team winning. But it has more to do with the fact that the team is playing some of the most boring football I have seen since Trent Dilfer was leading the 2000 Ravens to wins without scoring offensive touchdowns week in and week out. It's more apathy than anything. Our defense is dominant but none of what I'm seeing is getting me excited for the season

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