Step 1: Blow all three timeouts halfway through the third quarter

Step 2: Run a QB sneak on fourth and two (even though Marcus Stroud has been lining up over Nalen all day) instead of taking the three points.

Step 3: Go for it on fourth down backed up against your own endzone with four and a half minutes left.

Step 4: ??????????

Step 5: PROFIT

Even if you want to claim Shanahan was forced to go for it on that fourth down, he was only forced to go for it because he's an idiot and wasted all his timeouts and didn't kick the field goal earlier.


James said...

He's terrible. They shouldn't have gone for it on that fourth down after saving themselves from being down more then 6 points. He should've given the defense another chance. He likes to take risks, I understand that. But there are some games when you can't do it and you have to play it safe. Being down 6 points isn't the end of the world. Unless, you let the other team have it on the ten yard line. ty Shanahan.

Anonymous said...

I agree Shanahan should be fired this is the biggest group of talnted underachievers since the Raiders

Anonymous said...

Leave Shanahan alone.

Shannys Achilles said...

Here is something that got some notoriety during the 2007 season

Jay Cutler was absolutely fed up with Shanahan. The press couldn't help but notice. On National television Cutler told ESPN / NFL Network...
"I've got to have a talk with my coach about running these sneaks" ...I don't want to be the teams leading rusher". Even though that was rather light the press noted the tension between the two on the practice field.

Offensive plays took way way way too long to develop and Cutler was being left out to dry. Quite frankly it got worse as the season ended and the offensive coaching staff seemed to have to answer to the defensive schemes the Broncos were facing up front.

I don't see Cutler wanting to stay with this team and I'm sure Shanahan will make Cutler out to be a bum when it's all said and done.