Mile High Spagnuolo

Get it done Pat.


Zach said...

I think the Broncos need to go with a proven coach. Spagnuolo is a great coordinator, but that doesn't mean he'll be a great head coach. Look at Norv Turner; the man is a great offensive coordinator but a lousy coach. He can thank Marty Schottenheimer for his success in San Diego.

I say we need to bring on Marty or maybe even Eric Mangini. I think Mangini got hosed in New York. Did anybody expect the Jets to do well this season? Not really. But they exceeded expectations and went 10-6.

The press were all over Jim Zorn for starting 6-2 and finishing 2-6. I know that sucks, but he's a first year coach. Cut the man some slack.

The Broncos started 4-1 and then lost 3 straight. How the hell do you lose 31-10 to the Raiders at home?! I had a feeling that Shanahan might get fired after that game. Not necessarily right after that game, but at the end of the season as a result of that failure and numerous others.

Denver had no home field advantage this season. I think that probably pissed Pat Bowlen off. Nobody likes to lose at home and it really sucks when your team is usually good at home.

Anyhow, I think hiring Spagnuolo would be a big risk. You're expecting a lot out of a man that's never been a head coach in the NFL. I just think you need to bring in an established coach to turn the team around. Any coach will be a breath of fresh air. But let's make it a proven winner.

I'm already tired of the talk about Bill Cowher. The man's a great coach and all, but he only won one Super Bowl. I know that's more than most people, but everybody's acting like he's Bill Walsh or something.

Alas, the future is bright in Denver. We've finally put the past behind us.

Zach said...

I didn't finish my thought on Zorn. The press were all over him for the lousy finish, but the press never said a foul word about Shanahan in regards to their crap season.

I heard some people, Qadry Ismail, saying that Shanahan was "unfirable." Thank God that wasn't true!

RJC said...

Are you kidding me!!!

Cutler starting to come inot his own, 9 Rookies starting this year and Shanahan needs to go.....

Give me a break Spagnulo!!!

Might as well bring in Joe Paterno..

Anonymous said...

Tom Osborne as GM!!!!
Its only an 8 hour drive for him!

Jason Reichert said...

I don't think Spagnuolo is the answer. And although I'd put Cowher at the top of the list for potential HC/GM candidates, he's not the only one. I agree with Zach that this job requires an EXPERIENCED head coach. So that adds Schottenheimer to the list...and believe me he'd LOVE to get a parting shot in at the Chargers. If you want to get a guy to just coach and hire someone else as a GM, I think Mangini would be a nice choice (he got screwjobbed with the Jets). Experience we don't need: Wade Phillips or Rod Marinelli.

whatever said...

OMG, you guys are something else. Now that Shanny is gone and if we have a bad season or two with a new coach you will want Pat to give the team away.

OMG said...

According to the football genius that started this page Joe Paterno would prob be a god compared to Shanny. This site is hilarious. I want the Broncos to win a super bowl every year. Unlike some I do realize that it's not going to happen. Lets not forget how good the Colts and Pats have been. I remember that Tony Dungy's Bucs team won a super bowl after he was fired. Look what Tony has done since he left. That would not be enough for some of you.

OMG said...

I think it would be a bad idea to hire a first time head coach. There will be growing pains. Bill Billicheck, Mike Shanahan, Tony Dungy, Jeff Fisher, Mike Holmgren just to name a few in the modern era were not very successful in ther first coaching job. It was their second job where the won a Super Bowl or went to one. We are a class organization. We let the Browns and Lions train people to be a head coach.