About Cutler

Jay Cutler has proven nothing as an NFL quarterback. He hasn't proven himself a winner, and he hasn't proven himself a leader.

Both of these points were in full display in the last three weeks of the 2008 season when Cutler phoned in in for three successive games, sending the Broncos spiraling out of playoff position.

All Jay Cutler has proven both in college and in the NFL is that he can put up nice statistics in meaningless games. When he is expected to win important games, he craters. Let's remember that Cutler took over the starting position because Shanahan claimed he gave the team its best chance to win over Plummer.

A comparison to Jake Plummer might help people with their hero worship of Cutler. Statistically Cutler isn't any better than Plummer. In fact Plummer's first three seasons in Denver were all arguably better than Cutler's.

However, a comparison of their leadership abilities paints a much starker contrast between the two. How did Jake Plummer react when Mike Shanahan sent a clear signal of his lack of trust by drafting Jay Cutler? Plummer didn't say a thing in the media and went out and played football. The Broncos had a winning record when he was replaced by Jay Cutler. Even after Shanahan replaced Plummer with Cutler, Plummer acted as a leader on the sidelines, helped Cutler, and was a vocal cheerleader on the bench. Plummer even acted as a holder throughout the rest of the season.

In comparison to a leader who voiced no complaints in the media to being relegated to holding duties, Jay Cutler's response to being simply mentioned in trade discussions is juvenile.

Cutler needs to grow up, if his performance spoke loud enough the Broncos wouldn't have considered trading him.


Zach said...

Well, I haven't commented here in quite some time. But the Cutler situation prompted me to check your site. I'm not surprised that somebody has already spawned a blog dedicated to hating Josh McDaniels. You know what, screw 'em!

Jay Cutler is a loser. He has a big mouth for someone that hasn't done a whole lot in his career. Granted he's only been the starter for two years, but he needs to keep his damn mouth shut. You can't throw interceptions like Vinny Testaverde and expect to be loved by the coach. If the Broncos are smart they'll deal him. I'm sick of watching him throw horrible interceptions.

I remember watching the first Broncos/Chargers game last season. I knew they were going to choke and let the Chargers back in the game. Huge leads are a curse when your defense is garbage. But I also knew that Cutler would choke. I called that damn interception he threw on the goal line. As soon as he let it go I said "that's intercepted." Sure enough. If I can read that sitting at home, you know that a pro corner can read it on the field.

He choked when he fumbled, but they were bailed out. Ed Hochuli's brain fart kept the Broncos alive. That doesn't change the fact that Cutler choked twice though.

I always gave Jake Plummer credit for doing as well as he did with Denver. It's not Plummer's fault that Shanahan hated him. Plummer was much more capable of leading a comeback than Cutler. The man could also scramble much better than Cutler.

I told my dad this a couple of weeks ago, before this drama unfolded. The Broncos should sign Jeff Garcia and bench Cutler three games in when he's thrown 8 interceptions. I guarantee you Jeff Garcia could lead the Broncos to the playoffs. There is no quit in that man, he's a winner.

Cutler had his chance to prove what kind of leader he is the last three weeks of the season. He blew it.

We don't need to waste our time with a guy who's "going to be great one day." What the hell is that? Great quarterbacks are great within their first two seasons. Marino came in and dominated. Peyton didn't have a bad first season and got it in gear in season two. I called Roethlisberger when he came out of college.

Cutler is no Roethlisberger. We need a leader. Josh McDaniels clearly doesn't think Cutler is the guy. They'd better get this situation under control before the season starts.

J.C. Cruiser said...

I found this blog about 2 months before Shanahan finally got fired and good ridance!

I do like Cutler and I think he has the talent it takes to lead the Broncos.

However, you are correct. He did choke throughout the season in big games. Cutler's overall record with the Broncos is 17-20. I did declare that if we didn't make the playoffs the season was a failure and there needs to be a drastic change. I felt that drastic change would only be the firing of Shanahan, but getting rid of Cutler too? That thought never occured to me and obviously it didn't occur to a majority of Bronco fans out there!

If McDaniels can turn high school starter/college backup Matt Cassel into a 10-5 winner (Brady started the first game) think of what he can do with a SEC Player of the Year and 2 year NFL starter.

I understand why McDaniels wanted Cassel. Cassel already logged in 4 season with the system McD wants to put in place. That would've made McD's job a lot easier instead of bring Cutler up to speed.

As for comparing Cutler to Plummer, I don't see the point unless they were competing for the starting job. And if so, might as well throw some Griese in the mix.

The bottom line that I agree with is that Cutler needs to put this behind him. As long as he feels he is the best QB for the job and he doesn't flip me off as a fan, I'm good with Cutler at the helms.

bpphoto said...

My god your an idiot. Almost as dumb as Mcdaniels and Bowlen

Shannys Achilles said...

For the same reasons I agreed with your takes on Shanny I totally disagree with your Cutler take.

#1.) I felt Kubiak had much more to do with Plummer's success and Shanahan, as always, took the credit.

Had Cutler been groomed under Kubiak I think you would have seen more plays where Cutler hit players in stride. Cutler wrongfully took the wrap for Shanny and Bates terrible play calling.

If Cutler gets on a good team with a good QB coach he will exceed anything he did in Denver.

Now Josh McDaniels,

He had better hope to pull a rabbit out of his hat because if he goes from taking over one of the NFL's top offenses and sinks it like the Titanic fans will have EVERY REASON to be irate.

I'm sorry to have to inform you that while earning a trip to the Pro Bowl while having to carry one of the NFL worst defenses IS 'doing something'. Cutler not-withstanding, it's Josh McDaniels who really has done NOTHING and must prove he CAN do something once removed from New England. All he has managed to do thus far is make even a bigger mess out of an already messy situation in Denver.

...and now good luck getting any decent veterans who aren't New England cast offs.

I guess I have to be the the first one on this board to say it... All you have in McDaniels is Shanahan part II.

Shannys Achilles said...

A have to disagree with Jim Rome.

The Cutler trade is a win win.

I think this was a great trade for Chicago. Cutler will have great and not so great seasons but in the end I'm confident it will all be worth it for the Bears

The Broncos get KO, Kyle Orton who isn't a slouch and can do a great job until McDaniels finds the QB he wants to be his Cutler.

Everyone seems to be happy and all's well that ends well.

Now with that said McDaniels best not have a 4 and 12 season.

ShannysAchilles said...

It's crystal clear Josh McDaniels is out to 'out do' Shanahan
for the biggest draft busts.

First of all, there was absolutely NO reason for the Broncos to
pass on DE Orakpo by picking Knowshon Moreno. DE Robert Ayers
is of the same mold as the DE's the Broncos got out of Bates #1
picks. That is, undersized lineman who get stood up while the QB
has all day to throw and runners run right by them. Second of all,
the Broncos could have selected Donald Brown as the 18th pick
because he is the prototypical Broncos running back that Bobby
Turner could have easily turned into a super stud Denver Broncos RB.As it turned out, Moreno most likely would have been still around at 18 anyway.

Then their was the trading of the Broncos #1 2010 pick for an undersized safety!!!!! I think this ego tripping head coach needs to look at some file footage that the Broncos have on a safety named Atwater. If your going to trade up for a safety at least make sure he fits the ATWATER mold and please avoid the Alph Smith's molds entirely.

If that wasn't bad enough just like with the case of Orakpo, MLB Rey Maualuga was just waiting for the Broncos taking. Sure the Broncos need a safety. They also need LB's and Maualuga is clearly a better player hands down over Alph Smith.

With all the draft picks the Broncos had so far it seems like Moreno is their only standout player. One offensive standout chosen 2 defensive standouts passed up has the 2009 draft looking more and more like the drafts we've seen over the years from Shanahan.

Shambles McDaniels said...

Oh, yeah.

and who will forget Micky D's two third round picks for a blocking TE? I thought you did stuff like that to get a Shannon Sharpe?

John H said...

At first I was floored that Cutler got the boot but now that the 'shock' has worn off I feel it was the best thing for this football team in the long run.

Maybe Lovie Smith can teach Cutler to read defenses or maybe Cutler ignores his teachers and does what Cutler does best throw pics.

Read this on Cutler and enjoy!

In a matter of full disclosure, I am a lifelong Bears fan. But the only thing I love in football more than the Bears is winning money for my clients and myself. And what I think we have here is a classic case of unsubstantiated hype leading to inflated expectations. The media touted Chicago’s trade for Denver’s young quarterback as the solution to decade’s worth of quarterback problems. And while the Bears Nation quickly placed its collective face in the lap of the rather unaccomplished 26-year-old, my first reaction was the same it is always is: skepticism in the face of a seemingly unfounded popular belief. And after some analysis I feel fairly confident in proclaiming that Cutler will be the next Bears bust. So when Reality wraps its callous, cold-blooded fingers around the throat of this hype and everyone is stunned you can’t say that I didn’t warn you.

“But he went to the Pro Bowl last year!”

That’s the first argument that blind loyalists of Cutler will throw out there so we will address that issue first. Yes, Cutler made the Pro Bowl. However, so did Jason Peters even though he allowed the most sacks of any left tackle in the league. I’ll also point to Culpepper and Vick here, as their Pro Bowl selections did nothing to prevent their collapse.

But beyond that, there is no way that Cutler should have been in Hawaii. And the idea that he is headed for a career where he is a perennial Pro Bowler, one of the top handful of quarterbacks in the league, and a true “franchise quarterback” is, to me, laughable.

Below are the 2008 statistics for five quarterbacks. Only one of them made the Pro Bowl, and that was Cutler. See if you can tell which line is his:

17 TDs, 15, INTs, 59.9 percent, 3,301 yards, 80.1 rating
21 TDs, 11 INTs, 63.4 percent, 3,693 yards, 89.4 rating
34 TDs, 11 INTs, 65.3 percent, 4,009 yards, 105.5 rating
25 TDs, 18 INTs, 62.3 percent, 4,526 yards, 86.0 rating
19 TDs, 7 INTs, 67.4 percent, 3,653 yards, 97.4 rating

So, which was the Pro Bowler? Here are the actual quarterbacks with their statistics:

Ben Roethlisberger - 17 TDs, 15, INTs, 59.9 percent, 3,301 yards, 80.1 rating
Matt Cassel - 21 TDs, 11 INTs, 63.4 percent, 3,693 yards, 89.4 rating
Philip Rivers - 34 TDs, 11 INTs, 65.3 percent, 4,009 yards, 105.5 rating
Jay Cutler - 25 TDs, 18 INTs, 62.3 percent, 4,526 yards, 86.0 rating
Chad Pennington – 19 TDs, 7 INTs, 67.4 percent, 3,653 yards, 97.4 rating

It’s pretty obvious to me that Rivers, Cassel and Pennington each had better statistical seasons than Cutler. Also – more importantly – all four quarterbacks guided their teams to better records. And that’s why I included Big Ben’s numbers; if there is anyone out there that would suggest taking Cutler over Big Ben I will tell you that person knows as much about football as I do about the types of plant life on the sea floor of the Indian Ocean. Big Ben has two rings. Pennington finished second in the MVP voting and took a 1-15 team from 2007 and turned them into a division winner. Rivers posted a rating nearly 20 points higher. Yet, somehow, Cutler got the nod for the Pro Bowl.

But it doesn’t stop there...

Full article

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Anonymous said...

I guess Mcdaniels has proven himself the huh??? Your a Douche!!!

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Shannys Achilles said...

How does Jay Cutler sleep at night?

When he whined his way out of Denver I said... "you'll see, this guy will get a couple coaches fired before they can no longer ignore the lousy qb on the field that is JC."

The Bears posted the 30th worst passing offense in 2012 and what does the Bears Management do? They fire the HC and say they will hire a HC that can "FIX THE DEFENSE!!"

You can't blame 38 sacks on the O-Line when they don't hold onto the football too long.

JC had the softest schedule in 2012 and still managed to miss the playoffs along with dodging playing teams outside GB that where better than 500.

What will Jay Cutler's apologists have lined up for us in 2012. Oh yeah, new coach.