The Clarett Decision

I like Maurice Clarett, I think that the situation at Ohio State was completely unfair to him. When the Buckeyes did things like keep him from attending a friend's funeral he became disillusioned. The situation was unfortunate.

I think that Clarett has all the tools to be a good back in the NFL. But I don't agree with taking Clarett at the point that we did, or even at all. Let's take a look at who the Broncos already have at runningback:
-Tatum Bell amazing talent and a back who has proven he can gain yards in the NFL
-Quentin Griffin undersized but great quickness and speed inconsistent but dangerous
-Mike Anderson former rookie of the year and a great runner
-Ron Dayne former Heisman winner who has underachieved since his rookie year do we need another stretch as big as this?

There just isn't room for Clarett. As a compensatory pick, a pick that you cannot trade and seeing that the Broncos did not have another pick until the late sixth round they shouldn't have passed up both Adrian McPherson and Antaaj Hawthorne .

Shanahan is trying to prove how he's a "genius" again. The mastermind better make sure it works out this time.

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