Mike Shanahan failed high school team chemistry

So after the draft, the Broncos signed three undrafted free agents. Cornerback Brandon Browner, former Colorado State offensive lineman Erik Pears, and a former basketball player Wesley Duke.

Erik Pears is a good pickup, a smaller lineman, and a Colorado guy. Duke has a huge upside, he has the potential to be the next Antonio Gates.

But then there's Brandon Browner. A kid who has no shortage of talent, but has a shortage of being able to keep his mouth shut. When a kid says at the combine "To be honest with you, I think I'm the best cornerback here because I've got things that these guys don't got," Browner said. "I've got size and great athleticism." And then after he says that, he isn't even drafted. With the addition of Darrent Williams, Maurice Clarett, and now Brandon Browner the Broncos seem to have really made sure that the team captains will be busy attempting to keep these players in check.

What is it with Shanahan and players with known character issues? Daryl Gardener, Dale Carter, and now the unholy trinity of prima donna rookies.

Hey, if they work out he'll look like a genius, all I know is that Al Wilson and Rod Smith are going to have their work cut out for them.

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