Broncos want to sign Jerry Rice

For once the Broncos are making a decision I can agree with. Signing Jerry Rice would make a lot of sense for this team.
It would be an ideal landing spot for him for the leadership he could provide. That's one reason the Broncos have an interest in signing Rice. Denver has veteran Rod Smith and up-and-coming receivers Ashley Lelie and Darius Watts.
More so than just giving the younger receivers good leadership, he might be able to help the league's worst character class
Denver would not expect him to start, but with as many four- and five-receiver sets as the Broncos use, Rice might be able to get extensive time.
On top of that, in many cases the Broncos third receiver runs routes to stretch the defense and is rarely a top option. So Rice could be extremely productive in Denver. Pull the trigger on this one. It'll be the best decision you've made all year.

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