Profootballtalk.com says what I've been saying forever

Except they have fancy stuff like "sources" or whatever.

In their rumor mill over at their cluttered, but awesomely informative site Profootballtalk.com has a feature basically stating what I've been stating forever verbatim. What does this mean? Not that I've been ripped off, but that I'm entirely correct and have been for the last seven months.
A league source tells us that there's a strong feeling in the Denver locker room that punter Todd Sauerbrun isn't welcome.

Sauerbrun has a reputation for being arrogant and brash, qualities which "real" players typically don't want to see manifested in the guys who merely swing their legs for a living.

Exactly what I said.
As one league insider aksed us Wednesday morning, "Has any team signed, drafted, or attempted to trade for more scumbags than the Broncos?"

The source pointed to names like Marvin Washington, Dale Cater, Kavika Pittman, Eddie Kennison, Leon Lett, Ephraim Salaam, and (our personal favorite) Daryl Gardner.

This year, the team also picked up confirmed turd Gerard Warren and chronic underachiever Courtney "I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up" Brown.

As one totally awesome webmaster put it
The source also said that the team's 2005 draft picks are, in his opinion, the worst "character" class in the league this year.

Man, this is creepy. Deja Vu I'll let PFT have the last word on this.
So how does coach Mike Shanahan continue to get away with signing, drafting, and (ultimately) parting ways with so many bad players and/or bad dudes?

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