Q&A with Rick Smith

The official Broncos website has posted another Q&A session, this one with Rick Smith Broncos Director of Pro Personnel. I really have no idea who Smith is, but with information such as this I can't help but be positive that Shanahan is making sure that his staff is full of top notch people.
Entering his sixth season overseeing the club's pro personnel department, Smith has had his say in bringing players such as Gerard Warren, Courtney Brown, Ebenezer Ekuban, Michael Myers, Ron Dayne, Stephen Alexander, Anthony Clement

Smith was asked all kinds of ridiculous questions about Arena League and NFL Europe players, and a bunch of high school career day type questions such as:
Luke Matthews; Vista, Calif.
How did you end up as the Director of Pro Personnel? What kind of qualifications do you need to be a Director of Pro Personnel?

I also believe these Broncos Q&A sessions may in fact be Q&A sessions from Bizzaro World that have found a crack in the space time continuum that have allowed them to seep onto the Broncos website in our dimension. Because there's honestly no other explanation for some of these questions.
Mark Gregory; Longview, Wash.
I noticed that the Broncos have a lot of players with character. How big of a factor is character in choosing a player?

Rick Smith
Character is extremely important and we spend a great deal of time discussing a player's history as it relates to that.

I cannot believe that when Smith drafted this response he had a straight look on his face.

There's a wealth of evidence to the contrary including the Daryl Gardener IHOP incident, the drafting of Maurice Clarett, the signing of Brandon Browner, and the courting of Scott Sauerbrun.

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