Shanahan and front office (Fred)Exceptionally Dumb

The Philadelphia Inquirer article about Freddie Mitchell's release lets us in on a very interesting tid bit (Use BugMeNot to avoid having to register).
When he was drafted, Mitchell referred to Donovan McNabb as Mr. McNabb, and he often spoke in glowing terms about the Eagles' quarterback during his time here. But this off-season, he described the quarterback in far less flattering terms.

By then, it was obvious he was going to be playing elsewhere and, finally, FredEx was shipped out yesterday.

Next stop?

Tampa Bay, Denver, Washington and the New York Giants are all possibilities.

So fresh off the heels of Rick Smith speaking on how much the Broncos care about character, they decide to pursue Freddie Mitchell? Let's just take a look at great moments in FredEx history.
Mitchell had admitted to ESPN anchor Dan Patrick days before the game[the Super Bowl-Jacob]that he knew only the numbers of the Patriots' defensive backs (he then listed them incorrectly). Mitchell also managed to call out safety Rodney Harrison, saying, "I got something for you, Harrison."

Mitchell was later reprimanded by Eagles coach Andy Reid and was not granted a podium for media interviews in Jacksonville.

On Wednesday, Mitchell need no such podium to take more shots at the NFL champions.

"It was kind of like me being facetious and kidding around. They blew it way out of proportion," Mitchell said of his pregame comments. "[Their reactions] reminded me of little girls. They're sensitive. Real, real sensitive.

After bashing the team that creamed him, Mitchell turned on his own teammates.
Mitchell offered his take on what happened.

"Donovan, he dry heaves a lot when he gets under certain situations. It's happened before. It's happened in the NFC Championship game.

"He was dry heaving and he couldn't get the words out in the play, so he gave me hand signals. ... I basically called the play and knew what the coaches were thinking in that situation. I called the play out and went on from there."

Mitchell added, with a laugh, that if he were in that situation again, he'd have called a different play, one in which he was the intended receiver.

Something makes me think based on Mitchell's performance in the Super Bowl that throwing the ball to him wouldn't have been a very good idea.
Mitchell wasn't able to get "under their skin" on the field, however, with just one reception for 11 yards. He had one fewer catch than Harrison, who intercepted Donovan McNabb twice.

Mitchell is an underachieving player who can't keep his mouth shut. Looks like he's exactly the type of player that Shanahan is fond of. If Shanahan gets his way the Broncos will add Mitchell and Sauerbrun to Browner and Clarett.

The only way to get more loudmouth jackasses into the lockerroom was if Jay Mariotti came back to Denver and did the Broncos casts for Channel 7.

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