Ted Sundquist misinformation session

Ted Sundquist, Mike Shanahan's sock puppet Broncos' General Manager answered some questions on Denverbroncos.com. Now, if I had been asking the questions they'd be more along the lines of "How did you receive a high school diploma?" "Does Andre Patterson have naked pictures of your wife?" or "Did you guys use Madden 2005 and simulate the draft making your decisions that way?".

Instead, there were some actually constructive questions asked. Such as when Jay from New Mexico being a man with common sense asked Sundquist why in the hell he took Darrent Williams over Justin Miller. Sundquist in his infinite wisdom responded
"Justin Miller obviously is an outstanding defensive back and a returner in his own right, but Justin is primarily a kickoff return guy. Darrent does both; punt return and kickoff return and he may even be a better punt returner. Our thinking from a special teams standpoint, was his ability to return punts as well as kickoffs was the factor that brought him to the forefront of our list."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but our biggest problem in the secondary has been the lack of turnovers, coupled with the fact that our secondary gives up too many big plays. So, instead of addressing a corner's ability to you know actually play cornerback. Sundquist and Shanahan decided it'd be better to draft a guy who can return punts instead. Who am I to argue with that logic?

Then Sundquist was asked why he didn't take the athleticism and potential of Vincent Jackson over Darrent Williams. Apparently having a solid red zone threat isn't as important to the dynamic duo as having a guy who can run fast on punt returns.

Sundquist also spoke about how Andre Patterson has the ability to hypnotize the Broncos front office into doing whatever he wants. Patterson may infact be an evil wizard, so watch out for that. He also blatantly lied about Karl Paymah's speed and talked about how we really needed another runningback. Apparently the term "depth" to the Broncos means a hole to China.

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