Different week, same problems

The Denver Broncos' defense won this game. The defense just happens to be the part of the team Shanahan has the least control over.

The Denver Broncos offense on the other hand had the same problems they had last week against Miami. An inability to run (until late in the game, an inability to score in San Diego territory, and penalties costing the team field position and points.

Until Ron Dayne came into the game Denver had less than fifty yards on the ground. Their longest run was eight yards. Even with Dayne's excellent performance added in they still rushed for less than 100 yards as a team and their longest run was 13 yards. Last week Denver only rushed for seventy yards, thirty of which came on one play. If the Broncos cannot run the football they will lose.

Once again, the Broncos could not score in the red zone and lost too many opportunities to score while in San Diego territory. They left at least 17 points on the field today.

Denver was completely undisciplined on the field on offense with penalties calling back two touchdowns. One of which is just inexcusable, that being the 12 men on the field penalty that negated Darrent Williams' punt return. Well coached teams do not have these kinds of problems.

Well coached teams execute when they need to, well coached teams do not commit stupid penalties that cost their teams points, and well coached teams do not leave almost twenty points on the field.

If the Broncos play this way against Kansas City next week, they will most certainly lose. If they think that they can make this many mistakes against New England and Philadelphia and come away with a win they are also in for a rude awakening.

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