Here's a great letter I received

I stumbled on your site while searching for articles on Shanahan and I can't agree with you more. I have been a Bronco fan since '77 and I have seen the bad and good years of this team. Having been a part of their two Superbowl victories, I have tried to overlook his fault in our failed seasons and many humiliating losses. But enough is enough, his record speaks for itself and its results are undeniable. He has not lead this team to prominence in a time where parity allegedly dominates the league. He has not produced any improvement in areas where this team has weaknesses. The secondary as it has for years, continues to be suspect and vulnerable to the deep ball, the defensive line still fails to pressure quarter backs and good running backs seem to rip off chunks of yardage at will in big games against this team. Their offense has no reliable go to receiver except for Smith and he just isnt what he used to be. The offense is dreadfully predictable and conservative. In fact, the only consistent success they have had on offense has been in their running games and that is a result of a blocking scheme and philosphy implemented by Alex Gibbs. Shanahans personell decisions have been attrocious and his pregame play scripting lacks any sign of the genius he is credited with. They have become the NFL's perennial underachievers and do only enough to give their fans hope or the disillusion that they will reach their potential. But the first good team that comes along or big game they play..they fold like a cheap deck of cards and all of their weaknesses are exposed. No offensive punch, no defensive bite and a special teams that produces almost nothing. In a time when there is supposed to be so much parity in this league, year after year they find a way to lose when it matters and be subpar to the parity. I am tired of everyone one else being subsituted and blamed for his failures, ineptitude or just not being the right coach for this team..whatever the problem is.. it exists and it must be changed. Personally, I think its incredible that so many players performed well before joining the Broncos and so many have success after leaving the Broncos, but yet under Shanahans system they could only produce little. Im no genius or expert in coaching but It occurs to me that the common denominator is Shanahan and his particular system.

I cant deny that Shanahan is knowledgeable and runs his team as respectable organization. I think he is among the top coaches in the NFL when paired with the right players for his system. In fact, he was the perfect coach for the Broncos while Elway was at the helm, particularly while they had a a supporting cast in Davis, Sharp, Smith and a few other standup defensive players. But it seems defenses have learned how to play against his offensive schemes and his personell decisions on defense produce nothing but false promise. Moreover, regardless of what coach or player changes he makes the result are the same which further deepens my beliefs that it is his system and not so much the talent pool in the Broncos that is the problem. Ownership have been loyal to him for his past success, but six years is more than enough for a team of this potential to ride the underachievement train. Its time to change the one thing that hasnt been changed since their last success run and that is the head coach.

With last weeks debacle at Miami and this weeks near loss at home to San Diego, no matter what this season brings, Pat Bowlen has to realize that its time for success or time for change. I think this team needs a strong, no nonsense coach, perferably a younger one.. who can relate or appeal more to his players, one who coaches based on current defensive schemes and philosophies. One who is hungry and who isnt afraid to open up his offense and take risks. Someone who will let his team have some fun and a chance to realize its potential.

I hope more people become vocal about this and the frustration of Bronco fans reach Pat Bowlens ears in a way that he can't ignore. So, from a Bronco fan fed up with disappointing seasons and unjustifiable humiliating losses, I thank you for your effort in posting this site.

Best of luck to you and the Broncos,


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