Are you really surprised?

I have been subjected to the phrase "but we won, just be happy" so many times over the past two weeks. Here's the thing: we escaped both the Washington and New England games by the slimmest of margins.

In the Washington game the Redskins scored nine fourth quarter points and the Broncos escaped with a win due to Ian Gold batting away a ball from a receiver who was otherwise wide open. The drive that Washington ran to come so close to tying the score was a 13 play 94 yard drive.

The New England game was one of the most amazing collapses I've seen this team make in a long time and only the fact that we had a HUGE lead kept us from losing that game. New England scored 14 fourth quarter points on drives of 71 and 73 yards.

So what happens when you don't get lucky tips and do not have twenty five point cushions? You lose football games..

Today the New York Giants scored 14 points in nine minutes on drives of 65 and 83 yards. On New York's second drive they moved 83 yards and only completed one pass of ten yards or longer on the entire drive. Denver's defense is more than happy to just sit back and let teams pass all over them in the fourth quarter.

The play calling is obviously the issue here, I stated as much this week. Coyer cannot be trusted with a lead. The fact that this issue hasn't been addressed is a huge mistake from Shanahan.

Well coached teams do not give up in the fourth quarter. In fact, it's a clear sign that a team is very poorly coached when they consistently either blow or come close to blowing sizable fourth quarter leads. Denver has done so three games in a row and this time the luck just ran out.

Is there a single person who will stand up and tell me that this team can continue to play this way and be successful?

Once again Shanahan's Broncos have rushed out to a fast start only to stall. The Broncos started 5-1 in 2003, 2004, and 2005. We all know how the last two seasons ended.

Do you trust Shanahan to not collapse again?

I certainly don't.

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