Coyer may be an issue as well

Profootballtalk's rumormill section after Week 1 had a piece on how Miami knew what plays Denver's defense was running during the entire game. Frerotte was able to take three step drops and pick apart the defense on smoke routes.

Coyer seemingly adjusted over the next three weeks but something about the performance of the defense against Washington and in the second half of yesterday's New England game isn't right. It doesn't have anything to do with a lack of Champ Bailey either.

The Washington game may be just an issue of Gibbs' max protect schemes getting yardage but not points, but it seems to me that Coyer was content to play soft the entire second half.

The Broncos were successful in the first half by blitzing the ever living hell out of Brady. In the second half it just seemed like all we wanted to do was drop seven back in coverage.

You cannot do that against Tom Brady, he will eat you alive if you give him time to find the open man.

Not only that, but Coyer seems to have some fetish for dropping linemen back into coverage. These firezone blitz schemes never work and are annoying to watch.

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