Denver did not beat the Cowboys, the Cowboys beat themselves

Let's just start by saying that if Dallas possessed a capable kicker the Broncos would be 8-3 right now. Cundiff missed a chip shot, and if he hadn't Ron Dayne wouldn't have gotten his opportunity.

The offense played very poorly. In regulation they were only able to amass 243 yards of total offense. The Broncos were only able to rush for 89 yards over four quarters, Plummer was able to pass for only 155 yards as well.

I also enjoyed Shanahan and Kubiak deciding to abandon the run with a lead in the second quarter, just having Jake go out there and play gunslinger on his way to throwing an interception.

But probably the best decision Shanahan made was when he decided to challenge the spot of the ball on a meaningless first down by Marion Barber. Even if Shanahan had won the challenge Dallas would be facing a fourth and about the length of a football. Maybe if they hadn't already used a challenge you can accept that, but when the potential gain is that negligible and the risk is not having a challenge for more than two quarters you cannot make that decision. (I really don't care if there wasn't a play that needed to be challenged for the rest of the game. Shanahan does not possess a crystal ball that told him that. We call the fact that Shanahan didn't get called out on his stupid decision "luck".)

So, without Champ Bailey's amazing play and without Billy Cundiff not being able to live up to his job description Denver would have lost.

Mike Shanahan is supposedly an offensive "mastermind". He sure as hell didn't look like it out there.

I'm sure the comments will be full of "DUDE WE WON, SHUT UP!" and other incredibly articulate points.

The point is that if the Broncos play that way against Indianapolis, Cincinnati, or Pittsburgh they will get stomped on. The regular season is only half the battle.

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