You have got to be kidding me

I get mail from time to time from you guys. Most of the messages I get that argue against me, while being completely wrong and illogical, are mostly civil.

But Joel Braun dh3069@gmail.com decided to go for the gold in both the "making stupid arguments" and "crossing the line" departments.

Joel ended one of his messages to me with the following:
Anytime you want to find out who I am, give me a call. 303-382-**** Hell, I'll meet you outside of Invesco so Mike Shanahan can see someone on his side give a beating like the Broncos on the Raiders.
Oh, he also compared me to Hitler in that one. I'm not sure if that's really his number or not, so I'm going to star out the last four digits just in case.

CLICK HERE to read the exchange that sparked this ridiculousness. In it, Joel struggles to formulate a coherent thought and I embarass him in the exchange. It is quite entertaining.

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