Day before the draft

The Texans have made a very smart move and signed Mario Williams as the first pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. But, what really matters is who the Broncos plan on taking.

For the first day here's what I'd like.

Round 1, pick #15: I'd like to see the Broncos take one of the following three players here.

LenDale White RB USC

To me this pick is really a no brainer. White can put up numbers vastly superior to what Anderson put up last year. His style of running and effectiveness at getting tough yardage will make Tatum Bell just that much more dangerous. His injury shouldn't be an issue either.

Santonio Holmes WR Ohio State

Chad Jackson sucks, anybody who drafts him is asking for a bust. Holmes not only didn't have a yards per catch ranking in the 500s of NCAA wide receivers last season unlike Jackson, he can block and do the little things one looks for.

Jason Allen S Tennessee

The Broncos need a safety, and Allen may be the best in the draft. Huff will not be able to play safety at the next level and Allen has definitely recovered from his injury.

Round 2, pick #37

DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis / Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota / Joseph Addai RB LSU

In that order, if we don't take White, then grab one of these guys here.


Tamba Hali DE Penn State

OR (if we don't draft Holmes)

Greg Jennings WR Western Michigan

Round 2, pick #61 John McCargo DT NC State

Want to know why Mario Williams is the top choice in the draft? Take a look at the help he got from this guy inside.

Round 3, pick #68 Joel Klopfenstein TE Colorado

Hometown kid with a ton of intangibles, will help replace Putzier.

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