Abysmal (a-bzml) adj.

1. Resembling an abyss in depth; unfathomable.
2. Very profound; limitless: abysmal misery.
3. Very bad: an abysmal performance.

I really want to hear people back this shit up.

When I went to work this morning, the Broncos had four first day picks and a potential to get some players that could help them out immediately. When I got home from work today, the Broncos had traded up to draft a position of non need already filled by a pro-bowler and had traded away two of their four picks. They ended up with Jay Cutler and a tight end whose main selling point is "he's a lot like Jeb Putzier." Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't we already have Putzier on our roster? Not only that, Leonard Pope, a tight end who is by any objective measure much better was still on the board.

We sit here, and the Broncos haven't addressed their glaring holes on the defensive line and backfield.

All Shanahan managed to do today was take the slats out from underneath BOTH Jake Plummer and Ashley Lelie as well as manage not to improve the team at all.

Instead of walking away with players that can make an impact, we walked away with a tight end and some guy who's going to get paid a premium to sit on the bench for two seasons.

I get the impression Shanahan took Cutler so he can shirk the blame onto Plummer as soon as possible. But, I'm sure you people will let him do it.

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