Shanahan draft retrospective #1: Marcus Nash

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In 1998 the Broncos selected wide receiver Marcus Nash with the 30th overall pick in the draft. Nash's current organization's website lauds over his performance.
Nash has caught more passes, gained more receiving yards, scored more touchdowns and more points than anyone else in [the league] over the last two years.
Here's the only problem, that league is the Arena Football League. That's right, Nash has completely washed out of the NFL. In fact, Marcus played only one season in Denver before being shipped out of town. In his rookie year Nash caught only four passes for 76 yards.

In fact, Nash's only real accomplishment in college was being the guy who caught passes from Peyton Manning. But of course this somehow appealed greatly to Shanahan. And of course, Marcus was only one in a series of ridiculous first day picks from Shanahan. We'll take a look at those in the coming days as well.

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