It's always the defensive coordinator's fault

Last season the Broncos defense began the season in a dominant fashion, preventing teams from reaching the end zone. They finished the season 8th in points allowed, with 305 and 14th in yards per game.

The offense on the other hand was 17th in points scored and 21st in yards per game.

Mike Shanahan is in near total control of the offense for this football team. In fact, the Broncos did not even have an offensive coordinator in 2006. He passed blame onto Jake Plummer halfway through the season and switched to Jay Cutler with the stated justification that Cutler gave the team the best chance to win. That didn't occur, and the team had the same offensive short coming.

In response to the team missing the playoffs, the organization decided to take the following steps in regards to the coaching staff:

1) Fire defensive coordinator Larry Coyer
2) Fire defensive line coach Andre Patterson
3) Extend Mike Shanahan's contract three years.

Once again reality was ignored and another defensive coordinator took the blame for Shanahan's inability to manage games.

How do the Broncos stack up this year in the aforementioned categories?

28th in points allowed (227)
26th in yards per game.

28th in points scored (126) -100 DIFFERENTIAL
10th in yards per game

The difference in the offensive rankings of points scored to yards gained is a simple one to explain. The Broncos have terrible special teams and horrible red zone play calling.

The response to last year's offensive problems was to fire the defensive coaching staff. As a result, the Broncos have their worst defense in recent memory.


Bob Swenson said...

Defense can be fixed overnight in the offseason. Who gives a damn about 2007 anyways? Does anybody think any other in the NFL is going to dethrone New England or Indianapolis anyway? What do those two teams have in common that is so painfully obvious? They have Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Anybody that has watched the Broncos this season has to admit that Cutler is beyond his years and has the making of greatness. All three Denver wins this year were the result of comeback or game saving drives by #6. 3rd and long no longer seems so freakin far with this guy behind center. Anyways Shanahan has his elite one finally and these fickle a-holes will be backtracking their words in no time.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to find this site. Shanahan lost his edge a long time ago. He now has a QB who if cut free will end up on another team going to the Super Bowl in a few years.

The Broncos will not amount to much until they either fire Shanahan or he stops doing endorsements, and starts thinking about football again.

It is so sad that the Denver Sports Media feel compelled to support this guy and how he is running the team into the ground. As long a shanahan is in the Denver organization, they will not win until they can find another QB like Elway who knew how to win in spite of Shanahan.

Blaming the Defense for the problems is the latest excuse. I believe he sends his list of talking points to Denver Radio Personalities, and only does the shows of those who talk his talk.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh,
Broncos are on a winning streak.

Time for this site to go dark for a while... until they lose again.

Anonymous said...

snoozing away aren't we?

Jacob said...

If you're confident with this lucky to be 5-5 team, then more power to you.

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia:

One of four coaches who have spent at least 10 seasons with one team, and in that period, have had more world championship seasons than losing campaigns: Paul Brown with Cleveland (17 seasons, three championships, one losing season, Hall of Fame member), Joe Gibbs' first stint with Washington (12 seasons, three championships, one losing season, Hall of Fame member), John Madden with Oakland (10 seasons, one championship, no losing seasons, Hall of Fame member), and Mike Shanahan with the Broncos (11 seasons, two championships, one losing season).

Yours Truly,
Bronco Brett

The Pale Horseman said...

letplummerplay.com agrees and totally supports your crusade!!!

especially after today! CAN THE SHAN!!!

Anonymous said...

need to get info updated dude

Anonymous said...

I pulled out all the stops to manifest a win against the Chargers.
While clinching my "New" Broncos football ball and wearing my new shirt,vintage orange sweats,3 tv's on the Game,prayed and even had a voo doo doll. (not really)

Nothing could help these poor overpaid souls. Who is coaching these guys while Shanahan is out doing another frickin car commercial for Phil Long Ford? He says "get goin", well maybe its time he take his own insincere advice and do the same, Its time to restore order in the Mile Hi city. Your thoughts?