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Shannys Achilles said...

Shanahan has a cult like following around him. I call them Shanahan Worshipers or Apologists. I am hoping when Shanahan goes so to will his cult of followers.

His followers are always claiming he is the 'winningist coach' or a 'winning coach'. I point out to them that Dan Reeves 'winning record' towers that of Shanahan so what's your point?

Post Elway Shanahan record is barely hanging on to 9 & 7. Yes, 9 & 7 is winning, but most fans expect a little more from there team.

9 & 7 really defines Mike Shanahan as a coach. Even when he reached his crown jewel 13 & 3 season, his team was still a 9 & 7 team masquerading around as playoff contenders. On every NFL message board everybody was saying the Steelers / Colts game was the real AFC Championship game to see who would go on and beat the Broncos. Any wonder why only Shanahan worshipers were 'shocked' when the Steelers came in and clocked the Broncos?

What I really got a laugh out of was how there was so much playoff talk amongst all the Shanahan worshipers and when the 2007 season was 3/4 of the way thru, they all did an about face march and jumped on the... "this is a rebuild year!" bandwagon. Well, Shanahan needs another 3 years you know.

I really believe Shanahan worshipers/ apologists really don't care if Shanahan goes 9 & 7 for the next 20 years, because it gives them all kinds of ways to play football Barbie Dolls. They can 'pretend' to be Shanahan and draft this player bring in that player and team will just be ready to turn the corner.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have it all figured out. Only, who we gonna have coach the team once Shanahan is gone. Cowher? Dennis Green? Schottenheimer? Mariucci? You must know the answer since you're convinced Shanahan isn't. Then who?

The whole Shanahan hating thing is getting old, and you're making yourself look like an idiot (probably not the first time either.) This isn't Arizona where they would love to have the success you're complaining about. Just beat the wife, kick the dog, and call it a day, Mr Blogger.

Anonymous said...

You are a moron. Sad but true. Do you realize how long it took the Broncos to win a Super Bowl? Is your expectation a Super Bowl ring every year? This is the toughest league on the planet, and it takes a lot of luck to win a Super Bowl. Our luck has been bad, but that isn't necessarily Shanny's fault, is it? We've been beset by injuries and some of the guys we brought in, turned out to be lazy. I guess that's also Shanny's fault? Well, well see when you get the next Fire(input Broncos Coach) blog.. BTW.. Cowher ain't coming to Denver. Bad.. bad decision that will definitely come back to haunt Denver...