Oh hi

So the draft was a joke.

And the Broncos medical staff is apparently so inept they were unable to tell that their starting QB has diabetes?

Good coaching Mike, I know if I was an NFL head coach I would consider your QB losing 30 pounds an issue I was able to put aside.

I'm kind of apathetic about this now. I've been right too long to say anything but I told you so.


Anonymous said...

seriosly, shanahan is an idiot and should have been fired years ago. Now he cuts Travis Henry who was the latest in the constant merry-go-round at bronco's running back. I'm in favor anymore of bringing back Mike Anderson, he was the best starter since TD.

Shanny's Achilles said...

Talk about gutting an organization down to an office full of low paid yes-men and women and spending the left over salary money on a compound that would make a Saudi prince blush.

Pat Bowlin certainly must give you props for the way you driven out good personnel GM John Beake and O.L. coach Alex Gibbs et al over the years.

Speaking of former Broncos GM John Beake who WAS responsible for bringing in Gary Zimmerman, don't most head coaches today try bring in a quality 'veteran' at Left Tackle to protect his starting QB?
The Shana-Lems are all convinced Clady will be immediately the next Zimmerman. As good as Clady was rated and, like many before him, that's wishful thinking at best.
What these Shana-ding bats don't understand is that Left Tackle has always been considered a 'veteran position' in the NFL. The way Shanahan retains players by the time Clady's a seasoned veteran his contract will be up and that probably will be the last time he wears a Broncos Uni.

I know. 'Rebuilding' a team around a QB like Cutler AND a stud running back like the ones Shanahan let slip through his fingers in this years draft is foreign concept to Shanahan and his band of merry cheerleaders.

Shanny's Achilles said...

The Kool-Aid drinking Shanahan fanatics are 'all' down playing the fact John Lynch wants nothing to do with the mess formerly known as the Denver Broncos.

Their 'banky' (security blanket) is..."John you're a traitor"..."John Lynch is too old and slow", never mind he's only returning from his (what is it now?) X number Pro Bowl appearance. ..."we didn't need him anyway"..."

Yes sir, the more things change at Dove Valley the more they stay the same.

You can easily plug in all the Lynch comments and apply them to players like Jason Elam and my favorite Trevor Pryce when Shanahan showed him the door.

Oh yeah, "We don't need you either Trevor", was their way of saying how they just 'LOVE' every decision Shanahan makes, and you better NOT question it. Well, I certainly questioned the Trevor Pryce 'firing'. I wrote on the DP message board that Shanahan's Cleveland Browns 'genius' of an idea would prove to be NOT-SO genius with Pryce's departure. Shanahan's dilemma was that Trevor's back surgery from two seasons ago healed nicely and it was time for Shanny to pay the coin. That was the real reason Shanhan 'HAD' to show Pryce the door. There are plenty of news articles on the subject to back this up.

You see, Shanahan has money for the Daniel Graham / Javon Walker's of the world but always seems to come up short when it's time to pay for his 'PROVEN' players. Both John Lynch and Jason Elam's 'CASH INCENTIVES' most likely went towards Boss Bailey's $17 Mill. that both the Detroit Press and Lions fans were all in agreement was 'WAY MORE' than he was worth. If Shanahan's track record stays the same Boss Bailey will become this seasons Daniel Graham.

Most NFL players have Pro Bowl 'cash incentives' in their contracts and I'm sure if these same dim-witted Shanahan lovers knew that they were NOT going to get the money owed to them by a little technicality known as 'reduced playing time.' they would be the first to scream bloody murder.

My question to all these "GET OUT OF TOWN JOHN, WE DON'T NEED YOU" Shanahan lovers is... Who is it that Shanhan has that is SO MUCH BETTER? It's not like you have a young Steve Atwater on one side and a young Louie Wright on the other. You Lost Lynch but managed to gain the one guy in San Diego you used to burn on a regular basis, Marlon McCree. Make perfect Shanahan sense to me!


Bronco Brett said...

Hey All,
Bronco Brett back here.. I'll try to stop by once a year...
The last year and a half have been horrid. You want to hate Shanny, no problem.
Just remember, this is the site that went dark in the second half of the 2005 season while the Broncos were going 13-3 and to the AFC Championship game... until they lost to Pittsburgh.
The Broncos record was good in 2006until they made the switch to Cutler... so now the team is in transition. Will they win the SB this year? No. Unless, I'm missing someone, only Holgrem has more career wins then Shanny for active coaches... but I guess he's still an idiot.
Enjoy life more guys, you ain't getting Shanny fired, another horrible season will do that... and that means you're against the broncos... and that means you're against me.... I'm just kidding... peace all around.

Jacob said...

The site did not "go dark" in the second half of 2005.

There was one week where the site was down due to hosting issues.

Don't lie.


Bronco Brett said...

Look at your archives... first off, the entire success of 2005 was "luck"... then when the luck ran out against pitt is was Shanny who ruined a SB caliber team. (Even though he was the horrible GM who put the team together) There was 1 update in December about luck... then none as the team finished 13-3 and none as the Pats streak of playoff victories came to an end.

I am not a blind Shanny supporter, last year was a bad year, but your argument that he is both a horrible GM and a horrible coach seems unfitting for a coach who has had 2 losing seasons over a 10+ year career.

Jacob said...

I'm such a prolific updater anyway, right?

Bronco Brett said...

Okay, these days you don't update too much, but back then, you would update after every loss.
I like your latest blog... the draft was a joke (Royal and Clady are complete busts, right?)
Shanny's fault he couldn't detect diabetes?

Anyways, just wanted to give you a warning... Shanny is about to win game number 100 W.E. (Without Elway)

He's 98-74 regular season in games started by those without Elway.
(.569 winning pct%)

Bill Belichick's record without Brady???? 43-58
(.425 winning pct%)

Anonymous said...

Your a joke, make some updates now about how bad shanny is... oh wait you cant the broncos are 3-0..

Uhhh.. what was it you all said about the past few drafts?

Bad? Marshall, Cutler, Sheffler, Clady, Royal, Ryan Harris, Hillis, Young, Hall?

About the FA signings?? Stokely, Graham, Pittman, Casey, Boss?

I fail to see how any of those personall changes made my Shanny and his staff are considered bad, and the past few drafts, besides jarvis moss and crowder, who still may improve, they have been amazing.. Give me a break your site is a JOKE

Anonymous said...