Mistaking luck for achievement

This is something Broncos fans always do.

The Broncos are 3-1, but without a blown call and two missed field goals from Martin Gramatica, they are 1-3.

The defense is completely abysmal.

If you'd like to believe the Broncos to be a juggernaut in the AFC, please continue to do so. They were just dominated by one of the worst teams in football, and are lucky to have a winning record.


Anonymous said...

You sir, are still a moron. Young teams can lose their composure even in games they are supposed to win. You can never say a team is guaranteed to win because the players out on the feild are all getting paid to do the same thing. Sometimes you'll lose, sometimes you'll win. Right now the Broncos are winning more times then they are losing and at 4-1 they are sitting pretty nice in the AFC West.

Bronce Brett said...

Congrats to the luckiest coach in the world.

150 lucky career wins (every single one)

96 losses that are because he is the most incompetent person in the world.

Again, Shanny 0-96 (except for 150 lucky wins)

Jacob said...

The point, way over your head

Kevin said...

Another 3-0 start followed by a flop with no defense and a sluggish offense that runs on smoke and mirrors. Goodbye Shanahan. The _enver Broncos won't be a contender till he's gone.

Shannys Achilles said...

These Shanahan Kool-Aid drinkers sound even more ridiculous now after the New England loss.

I got called every name in the book on the DPO message board and of course was told... "I didn't know what I was talking about"...when I said the Broncos would only have 1 win by the Bye and go 7 and 9.

The Broncos ARE lucky not only to be 4 and 3 but as you correctly pointed out that their luck they aren't a one win wonder.

The defense is even worse than last years, something the Kool-Aid drinkers all swore wouldn't happen and it didn't take long for their opposition to figure out how to stop the Broncos O. Shanahan still has no answer to get his O back on track.

Yeah, keep making excuses for the Mastermind you Kool-Aid Drinkers!

Shanny's Achilles said...

These Shana-Lemmings look more foolish each passing week.

Two weeks to pre-pare for the 3 an 4 Fish and it was SHANAHAN'S offense that was the MOST unprepared.

After 3 quarters Shanahan 'tries' to get Stokely, Marshal and Royal involved in the playbook and Hillis is your top receiver? Come on!

Go head Shana-Lems give us your best excuses and remind us how many games Shanahan has won. Problem is, it's getting REAL old.

ShannysAchilles said...


If you really think Shanahan is going to be the kind of coach that puts a Championship team around Cutler you need to come back down to Earth from the planet 'Pop-Tart'.

The mis-decisions made by Shanahan are not the types of decisions a 'championship caliber coach' makes.

The Broncos current running back situation is one of many examples why this coach is as totally of touch as his Lemming followers.

Today's RB / running game SNAFU can be traced as far back as the Clarret mis-decision, but more recently the Torain mis-decision is just as important to point out.

Shanahan admitted in his 'farewell' to the 2007 season press conference that S. Young would most likely get injured if he had to carry load all season. Hall was suppose to be the more durable back but as it turns out he can't work part time without getting injured. Pittman was gamble because of his age.

Now you have a team in 'turnover turmoil' with NO RB to speak of so, how does Shanahan 'manage' these two crisis? He gets on the phone and begs a crook to come back who got let go from his team for what? For HAVING A BAD CASE OF THE DROPSIES HE COULDN'T SHAKE!!!!! Regardless of how he does this sunday (Atlanta) he's got to know his time here is limited.

There is NO WAY these types of coaching mis-decisions are going to yield anything that resembles a championship caliber team.

...and to top of that latest round of stupidity his BLIND FOLLOWERS hail this as some 'genius' coaching decision.

Anonymous said...

If we somehow manage to win the AFC West this year, it will be due to the fact that we play in the worst division in all of football and of course Ed Hochuli. That will be good enough for our wine and cheese owner and he will give Shanahan another extension. Cutler will eventually get sick and tired of mediocrity and go to a team that has a legitimate shot at winning the super bowl.

Shanny's Achilles said...

"Cutler will eventually get sick and tired of mediocrity and go to a team that has a legitimate shot at winning the super bowl."

Yeah, him and many others.

Mike Shanahan needs to thank his lucky stars he is in the AFC West. If Mike Shanahan was in a division that constantly kept him at #2 and #3 he wouldn't have the 'insulation' he has enjoyed for so long. Marty and Wade Pillips was the closest threat he had to deal with and as good as they did against him it still wasn't good enough in Lemon Town.

Despite Shanahan's 2 game road wins, he ain't out of the woods yet. Never under estimate the 'under-achievability' of a Mike Shanahan team.

Retardsrsmarter said...

This team is a joke --- hixon---lelie--- we get blown out 3 times a year now .... Untill shanny is gone,, I am gonna count the broncos out ... no credability..or creativenes just bad decision after bad decision ... bowlen is just as big of a knob //// go nuggets

Anonymous said...

Shanahan having the best coaching year of his career. Go fuck yourself, pathetic little kid.

John said...

Hi. Just wondering if you still thought the 2008 draft was a joke, and if you still thought the offensive line was still not improving. Also wondering what you thought about our wide receivers. Thoughts?

Bronco Brett said...

From S.I. writer Peter King:

The Way We Were
Mike Shanahan vs. Marv Levy.

I'm not comparing these two distinguished head coaches because I feel they're very similar, though they both have left innovative stamps on football. Levy's one of the godfathers of special teams, while Shanahan has proven you can consistently contend with a very good quarterback, a marginal defense and marginal offensive talent, particularly at running back.

I compare them because Sunday in Denver, the 56-year-old Shanahan, who I'm certain plans to coach several more years, won his 154th NFL game, tying Levy for 15th on the NFL's all-time victory list for coaches. It got me thinking. Levy coached 17 years, went 154-120 and made four Super Bowls, winning none, as a head coach and made the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Shanahan has coached 16 years, is 154-100, and made two Super Bowls, winning both. If he gets to 200 wins -- or if he only comes close -- how can we keep him out of the Hall? If he never coaches another day, how can we keep him out of the Hall?


ShannysAchilles said...


You may not believe this but THERE ARE folks unwilling to give Shanahan a HALL vote due to the fact he won two Super Bowls with not only a HOF QB he didn't draft but also he won those SB's with the help of many of Reeves former players and GM John Beake who put together many of the FA's around Elway.

When you look at Shanahan's post Elway / John Beake record it's not so lofty averaging just over .500.

His peers at the Hall are waiting to see what Shanahan can do completely on his own with Cutler. What Shanahan does with putting a team around Cutler (I think) may make or break Shanahan's chances for getting into the Hall.

Bronco Brett said...

Hey Shanny's Achilles;
Couple things, I'm not a kool-aid drinker, I get ticked off when Shanny does dumb stuff (see: Car 2nd quarter :17 left). But I think he is one of the top coaches around.

I agree with you that Shanny's HOF chances ride a lot on these next couple of years, but my latest entry was written by Peter King... who knows his stuff.

I do disagree with you saying it was Dan Reeves who put together the SB team... the '97 offense had 2 Reeve's draft picks... 3 were picks or free agents in the wade era.

I think most experts agree, Shanny built the team around Elway that let him get that first SB win. Shanny didn't pull a Seifert or Switzer and walk into a team already winning SB's... he took over a team that had been .500 the previous seasons...and took them to the promise land. You and Jacob (unless you are one in the same) don't even want to give him credit for doing that, and I don't quite understand that.

Anonymous said...

dude you are a fuggin idiot

Anonymous said...

This site needs more love & more posts, FIRE SHANAHAN !!!!!

Anonymous said...

We are in danger of missing the playoffs for the 3rd consecutive season. The last time that happened was back when Elway was playing for Stanford.

skyhack said...

Shanahan, 150 wins , 96 losses, and mediocre without Elway. Top coach? Nah. Anyone can coach a 500 club, which is pretty much what they are since Johnny left.

Anonymous said...

Over the past 10 years Shanahan has won ONE division title (average: 2.5) in what is recognized as a weaker-than-average division, been to ONE conference game (average: 1.25), ZERO super bowls, and on the whole been the very definition of average. At no point has he shown evidence of better-than-average game preparate or better-than-average mid-game adjustments -- two things that we look for in head coaches. He has surprised us with a stable of better-than-average offensive players (but no GREAT ones, except just perhaps Cutler), but this is countered by his failure to acquire better-than-mediocre defensive players.

If Denver continues to ride Shanahan they'll have a lot of years of being competitive without anything close to a championship. That's because in the NFL any average team is competitive -- and the Shanahan Broncos are consistently average.

A super bowl victory is a great thing, but the downside is that it can force you to hold on to your head coach for too long. The Bears and Ditka, or the Buccaneers and Gruden, or the Ravens and Billick are perfect examples (the Raven's mgmt seemed to forget that he was hired as an offensive genius, yet his only successes rode on the backs of his defense).

I loved the offense Shanahan ran for the 49ers. He did a great job giving his hall-of-famers every chance to make great plays. Ditto in his first 4 years in Denver. And, following up Reeves and Phillips, his sensible mgmt style had to be a great relief to the players he inherited. He's a terrific offensive coordinator -- especially if you have some great talent on your offensive squad. Put him in charge of the SD Chargers offense and they'd be the prohibitive super bowl favorites. However, as head coach/GM he's only mediocre. And that's the reality Denver has to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Never before have I been as pessimistic about the future of the Denver Broncos as I am now.